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what causes eczema around the eyes?

I got an eczema around my eyes. It makes me upset. What causes it? how to cure it?
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  • everetthol


    Well, as a matter of fact, eczema is one of the most serious skin diseases that we might suffer. Generally speaking, it could be derived from a wide variety of external reasons such as humidity as well as allergic sources, sometimes maybe a decreased immune system. In order to cure it, you should try to pay attention to your living habits, and your diet and some bad habits, try to keep your body clean, and consult a doctor maybe they would give you some drugs for external use .
  • Brooke peters


    Well, generally speaking, you should know that when you get eczema around your eyes, it can causes red, itchy and inflamed patches, and then it may swell. In common, eye infection can be the most common cause of eczema. And according to some researches, when eczema occurs on the eyelids or the area around the eyes, you should avoid rubbing and scratching which can lead to potentially serious infections. To treat it, you can use cool compresses to your eye area to relieve discomfort and itching, and also it can reduce swelling. Also, you may need to go and have a testing.

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