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What is the difference between double vision and astigmatism?

I Just can't understand what does astigmatism mean? Do people with astigmatism get double vision? What is the difference between double vision and astigmatism?
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  • Catherine


    If people get the astigmatism, they will get double vision with no correcting help. However, there exists the difference between the astigmatism and double vision. Astigmatism refers to a refractive error status. The cornea and lens surface bending don't agree about the human eye. Some people eye cornea in a certain angle area has more curved radian. It is the flat angle area that causes the astigmatism. It is due to the cornea or lens surface of these different directions of the bending inconsistency. It makes different direction meridian refractive rate not be consistent. The meridian foreign light can't gather in the same focus in this way. In addition, the light cannot accurately focus in the retina formation and become the clear objective image. It is the eye disease which could not be treated now. However, the double vision can be treated because it is caused by the temporary nerve breaks and other problems.
  • Kaylee tuener


    Well, for double vision, it is a condition in which, whenever you look at any object, you see its two images rather than one. This is also referred to as double vision. It is totally different from blurred vision, in which you see a single blurry and unclear image of an object. It can severely harm your decision-making capacity and quite often, if you insist on driving, put others as well as yours life at risk. On the other hand, astigmatism is merely a visual condition of the eye that is caused by its shape. Astigmatism can result in an eye that has two different powers, and also it splits the focus point into two different partial focus points. In many cases, you should know that blurry vision is the most common symptom of astigmatism. Anyway, they can be different from each other.

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