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Would small frame glasses really look ugly?

I see a lot of people that wears these big frame eye glasses, and i just don't get it. I used to wear small frame glasses and they are quite comfortable. But I wonder if they really look ugly as so many people think only worn by some pedants.
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  • cap081291


    The opinion that small glasses are only worn by some pedants is already out of date. Lots of celebrities like Lady Gaga are fond of these light-weight small eyeglasses. In fact, those small eyeglasses are chic for some people especially for people who have a small faces. If you have tired of your big framed glasses or plain eyeglasses, why not try a pair of small glasses?
  • Riley


    It should depend on different face shape. There is not a certain style of glasses look good or ugly on everyone. Also small glasses are quite fashionable now. If you have a small face, you can have a try.
  • Kimberly


    That depends. Some people are suitable to wear small frame glasses. While some other people may look ugly with small frame glasses on. If the small frame glasses fit you properly, you will also look nice. So just choose one that suit you properly.

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