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Do you have such Problems with wearing small glasses?

I used to wear glasses which are a little large for my face. I feel comfortable with them but I have a narrow face, so they don't look quite good on me. Then I decide to get small glasses. But when I was trying them at the store, I find that they leave a lot of negative space on all sides which make me quite uncomfortable. Do you also have such problems switching from large frame eyeglasses to small framed glasses? How do you deal with it?
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Answers (2)

  • Kevin lee


    I also have the problem when I started to wear small glasses. You just need to have the frames adjusted so that they sit comfortably on your nose and are naturally in the correct position. I believe when you are get used to small glasses, you will love them.
  • Connor nelson


    If you do like the style of the small frame glasses, you can ask your optician to do some adjustments so that the glasses can fit you fine. If it can't be adjusted, you'd better choose another one.