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What are the symptoms of Congenital Cataract?

I once saw somebody seemed to have got Congenital Cataract. I just want to know the symptoms of Congenital Cataract. Do you know anything about it?
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  • Riley gary


    The symptoms for congenital cataract include: 1.Clouding of the lens, often evident at birth without special viewing equipment and appearing as a whitish discoloration in an otherwise normally dark pupil 2.Failure of an infant to show visual awareness of the world around him or her (particularly when present in both eyes) 3.Nystagmus (unusually rapid spontaneous eye movements) 4.No symptoms may be present if the cataract occurs only on one side or is not severe. This can often be overlooked without a proper eye examination and does not mean that treatment is not required
  • Brandon cook


    When people get congenital cataract, they seem to have unusual rapid eye movements. The lenses in their eyes are cloudy at birth. Babies don't have any visual awareness around him if they have cataract in both eyes.
  • Andrea lester


    It is difficult to notice any symptoms of Congenital Cataract in infants because they are so young. It can be detected only through a routine newborn examination. If your child is newborn baby, you'd better take him to have regualr newborn examination so that you can know any problems as early as possible.
  • Justin fergus


    The most common symptoms is that you will see a white cataract on the lens of the eye. And you will find people with congenital cataract experiencing rapid spontaneous eye movements. Hope this can be hellpful.