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Is eye color related to personality?

I heard that eye color is related to personality? Is it true? How can i tell personality of people according to their eye color?
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  • Christopher dale


    Well, I can see that you are quite interested in this particular question. So, as a matter of fact, my answer is negative. Because as you can see, a lot of Chinese may have the same personality with some Americans, so why can't those Chinese have blue eyes? So, actually, eye color is decided by our genes type and race, which could not be changed. Of course you cannot tell personality based on people's eye color, and that is superstition.
  • erickie6


    Yes, the eye color is related to personality. The color of the eyes is decided by the quantity of the pigment in the iris. There are two different pigment in the iris. One is in the epithelial cells behind the iris and it never changes, the other one is in the surface of the iris. The color of the iris can be brown and blue. Most of the European and American people have blue eyes while the Asian have brown eyes.
  • cristti


    Well, generally speaking, you should know that eye color is not related to personality. So you can judge one person through eye color. And also, you should know that your eye color can change with weather and emotion. So you should pay more attention to it. For example, if some one is sad, his eye color will turn to light blue. Also, the weather can be an essential factor too. When the weather is good, your eye color can be light color. Anyway, these are the common rule.