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What causes blocked tear ducts in babies?

I was told that my baby got blocked tear ducts. What does it mean? What causes blocked tear ducts in babies?
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  • charmed83


    Well, as you can see , a lot of new babies would suffer from blocked tear ducts, and parents would ask about the reason for that problem. So, as a matter of fact, some babies would get that problem even before they came to this world, which means that some blocked tear ducts are inborn problems. And blocked tear ducts could make the baby keeping produce tears. And we should simly try to get treatment in the hospitals for our babies.


    Usually, blocked tear duct doesn't mean people don't make tears, but the nasolacrimal duct becomes obstructed or is closed off. In detail, it is mean that the drainage system is blocked. And in most of cases, there is no treatment to help them, most doctors advice people to wait and see if the duct opens on its own.
  • Nicholas


    The blocked tear ducts means that your tears can't drain normally. When your baby gets the blocked tear ducts, he or she will leave with a watery and irritated eye. When he or she wakes up, the eyes corner may have the large number of the gum in the eyes. It is a partial or complete obstruction in the tear drainage system that causes the blocked tear ducts. The eyes infection may also cause the blocked tear ducts. You could just clear the baby's eyes with clean warm cloth with comfortable character. Then you could use the professional eye drops which are only used for the little baby to get rid of the bacterium and make the eyes get clear. You could also do the warm compress for the little baby. You should take care of the diet for the baby and let him or her have the sleep early.