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Do your pupils dilate when you hate someone?

Is it possible to get dilated pupils when you hate someone? Any explanation?
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  • Benson Dubois


    Yes, it is possible to get dilated pupils when you hate someone. When you hate someone, the nauseous feel controls you and you think he or she is wicked, following you will repel and feel disgusted with him/her inward. If such excluding mentality strengthens further, you may become angry and irritated, and even want to deal with him/her in a rude way. The physiological stimuli will result in your dilated eyes.
  • Cary


    Well, yes, when you hate someone, it is possible for your eyes to have dilated pupils. As we know that there are some factors which can lead to dilated pupils. For example, anxiety and high blood pressure can be the common cause. And so when you hate someone, there will have change in your emotion. In that way, it can just lead to high blood pressure. And then, it can affect your eyes, leading to dilated pupils. So that is why you get dilated pupils.
  • coloursoflife


    Well, our eyes would be dilated due to a lot of reasons. Generally speaking, we would have dilated eye because of the change of lights, panicked, neurological problems, or some infections, and of course, trauma, and some unknown reasons. However, few cases prove that hatred would lead to dilated eyes. So, if you constantly find your eyes dilated, you should be alert about potential health threat. Good luck.