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What to do if you get your eyes stabbed?

What happens when you get your eyes stabbed? What to do?
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  • walkintothewall


    If you get your eyes stabbed, you need to cover your eyes with something. Meantime, you'd better make sure that there is no pressure placed on the globe and then you need to go to an emergency room as soon as possible. If your situation is very worse, you may need to have a surgery soon so don't eat anything. Usually an open globe is perhaps the worst injury to your eyes. If the retina was damaged seriously, this may lead to loss of your eyes. So you must treat it seriously and immediately.
  • Hae


    I think you may need surgical exploration and closure immediately. So I suggest you to go to hospital as soon as possible. Perforating injury or penetrating to your eyes can be very severe problem. Prognosis may dependent on vision level. If the contents of the eyes come out, you are at a higher risk to get an eye inflammation or even blindness.
  • Andrew bell


    That kind of things never happens to me. So I don't know what to do. But I think the treatment must depend on how serious your problems are. However, no matter what kind of situation you are suffering from at this moment, I strongly suggest you to have your eyes checked by an eye doctor immediately. Or you may lose the optimal time for treatment. Good luck!

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