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Barbara Mellon


What is the difference between double vision and blurred vision?

I just wonder if double vision is the same as blurred vision. What's their difference?
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  • Isabelle garcia


    Well, generally speaking, for double vision, you should know that it is a condition in which, whenever you look at any object, you see its two images rather than one. At this moment, we can say that you may get double vision. On the other hand, for blurred vision, when you get it, you will see a single blurry and unclear image of an object. It can severely harm your decision-making capacity and quite often, if you insist on driving, put others as well as yours life at risk. But both of them are very dangerous for you to have them. So if you have got it, just go and see the doctor as soon as possible.
  • Justin fergus


    Double vision means one sees two images of an object simultaneously due to the impaired function of the extraocular muscles while blurred vision refers to the loss of sharpness of vision and the inability to see fine objects. Double vision is a sign of a muscular or neurological disease and has a variety of ophthalmologic, infectious, neurological and neoplastic causes such as cancer, migraine, multiple sclerosis, brain tumor, sinusitis, strabismus, salicylism and abscess, etc. However, blurred vision is an ocular symptom given rise to by presbyopia, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, eye inflammation, eye floaters, retinal detachment, optic neuritis and bleeding into the eye.
  • campbell


    A lot of people would misunderstand them and take them as one concept, however, it is not. Generally speaking, double vision would make you have two vision of one thing. And blurred vision would disable you to see thing clearly. And typically, blurred vision could be resulted from lots of reasons while double vision could be complicated and serious, cataract would lead to it. So, you have to protect your eyes so that all these trouble would disappear.