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DEREK Garrana


What are side effects of not wearing tanning goggles?

Is it good to wear tanning goggles? Are there any side effects of wearing tanning goggles?
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  • Shannon


    Well, it seems that you would like to get your body tanned. As a matter of fact, it is a substitude for natural tanning. Anyway, it is good for your skin. So, as we know, the lights of the tools would give out some harmful lights to our eyes, making them burned or dazzled. Thus, we need some special eye cover to protect our eyes, tanning goggles could protect our eyes very well. There are simply no side effects of wearing tanning goggles.
  • b3hind_blu_eyes


    It is good to wear the tanning goggles when you are tanning which will to some degree protect your eyes. If you don't wear the tanning goggles, your eyes may get stimulated and irritated after tanning. Your eyes may show the redness. What's worse, your eyes may show the sensitive and weak point. Your eyes will absolutely feel uncomfortable.

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