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Will my eye be bandaged after Lasik?

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  • Ryan warren


    No. However, as a precaution against rubbing and accidental trauma, you are required to wear the protective transparent eye shields or eyewear throughout the day and overnight for the first 24 hours. Subsequently, they need to be worn only when sleeping for the first week. Occasionally, your doctor may require you to wear a special contact lens for the first week after the procedure.
  • Aaron


    No. However, bandage contact lenses can be applied after LASIK to reduce discomfort and prevent epithelial in-growth. some believe this actually increases the risk for striae, or may not have any beneficial effects. Some patients are at risk of developing an epithelial slide, especially those with a history of anterior basement membrane dystrophy. If an epithelial slide occurs during the operation, a bandage contact lens may be applied to the eye to improve healing and protect the eye until the epithelium has regrown.