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what precautions must I take before Lasik?

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  • Ariana kirk


    All contact lens wear must be stopped well before the day of surgery. RGP, semi-hard or hard contact lens users should stop wearing them at least two weeks before the procedure. Soft contacts users should stop one week before. This is because contact lenses are worn on the cornea and will temporarily change the shape of the cornea slightly, but significantly enough to affect the results of the surgery. Make-up, perfume or hair-care products must not be worn or used on the day of surgery. The vapours emitted by these may interfere with the sensitive laser. Also, have someone follow you on the day of surgery. You should not drive immediately after the procedure as vision will be slightly blurry.
  • Sapna


    Prior to a scheduled LASIK eye surgery, you should prepare yourself so that you can try and feel at ease. Avoid make-up or lotions - LASIK eye surgery is a small and quick surgery. Avoid the use of make-up, creams, perfumes, or lotions before your surgery. Cleaning the area around your eyes would be beneficial. These cosmetics might leave some residue on your skin and if this comes in contact with your eyes, it might irritate and aggravate them. Wash your eyes prior to surgery - Most surgeons ask their patients to repeatedly wash their eyes before surgery. This helps to prevent any chance of infection.