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Derek T.


Is Lasik surgery painful?

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  • Robert ja


    No. The whole procedure is done under local "eye drops" anaesthesia and is painless. No injections are given. You may experience a sensation of pressure when the lid speculum, used to keep the eye open, is inserted and when the cornea flap is made. For anxious patients, your doctor may prescribe a mild sedative to be taken before the procedure. After the procedure, some scratchy irritation, light sensitivity and tearing is common. These after-effects usually last for about six hours and can be relieved by instilling lubricating artificial tears eyedrops and wearing sunglasses.
  • Paige evelyn


    no it does not hurt. After everything is done, you may have a gritty feeling in your eyes but that will soon disappear. You will notice the difference right away and it is quite amazing. For about a month, you will notice a halo around lights. That should also disappear after a while. I wouldn't drive at night until this goes away. I had mine done about four years ago. Here was my situation. My left eye was far sighted and my right eye was near sighted (my right eye was my dominant eye). When I had the surgery done, the right became my far sighted eye and the left became my near sighted eye. I have never been able to get used to that. Also, I still need to wear reading glasses and, I pretty much can't see close up without them. It all depends on the person and the condition of your eyes before the surgery. But I would definitely look around and do some research. I am still amazed at how far away I can see but I wish I could see as good close up.

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