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Can high cholesterol cause eye floaters?

Is it possible to cause eye floaters because of high cholesterol? Any idea?
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  • Jonathan


    Yes, it is possible to cause eye floaters because of high cholesterol. The cholesterol can be divided into high density cholesterol and low density cholesterol, with the former one has the protective effect on cardiovascular and the latter is on the adverse side. With the cholesterol, there exists the risk of coronary heart disease which will happen increasingly. The formal one could be called the good cholesterol. And the bad cholesterol in the blood contains the cholesterol content per unit of about 140 mg which will cause your body immune system work in disorder. Your eyes will get the indirect effluence, too. It is the dryness of the eyes that causes the eye floaters in the eyes. You could eat the food with light character. You'd better not drink or smoke which could make the situation of your body worse.
  • abbyabbie


    Well, I can see that you are quite concerned about your floaters problem. Anyway, it is one of the most common problems that we might suffer. And it could be resulted from a wide variety of reasons, of course if your cholesterol level is high, you could begin to have floaters. Generally speaking, floaters is resulted from vitreous degeneration and it could be relieved through a better diet and exercise. Try to see a doctor if necessary.
  • Fari Tackaberry


    Well, yes, high cholesterol can lead to eye floaters. First, you should know that high cholesterol is characterized by the presence in the bloodstream of abnormally high total cholesterol. By getting it, there are some eye diseases you may suffer from. Generally speaking, you may lead to eye floaters. Also, whitish, gray or yellowish deposits around the circumference of the cornea, which are associated with high cholesterol, can occur. Diabetes and high blood pressure are very possible for you. To treat it, you may need to control it by using some medicals. Of course, you should go and see the doctor.