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Where can i find black glasses like jonathan franzen's?

I am looking for the glasses that jonathan franzen wear. Can you tell me where can i find it?
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  • Mariah


    Well, as you can see, jonathan franzen is one of the most influential musicians in the world and he would like to wear glasses in public, so his glasses are very popular in the world, which are black eyeglasses. You could find them at almost every optical stores. And if you seek better prices and types, Alibaba is a good option for you to look through. Hope you find what you seek.
  • en_liten_glimt


    The glasses that jonathan franzen wears are good at the look. If you like this type of the glasses, you could go to the online store to find the similar type. There must be a lot of such types. Then you could base on the rank of the price to choose the suitable type. You could go to the amazon to have a search because of the variety of the goods there.