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Can cold cause eye irritation?

Is it possible to lead to eye irritation because cold? If not, why i get eye irritation during cold?
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  • James green


    Actually eye irritation can be caused by many reasons, for instance, constructivists(pink eye), red eye, black eyes. And eye problems can be caused headaches, nasal obstruction and heart diseases.Well, if you have no such eye problems or some basic diseases, then your eye irritation has most commonly due to cold. Generally speaking, eye irritation follows eye pain, it really uncomfortable. My friend told me that someone who runs a fever or get cold may easily suffer infection. Then the best time for virus and bacteriosis to follow you is coming. Next your eyes, nose and throat will cause some problems. Finally, eye irritation and eye pain make a surprise attack on you. Of course, cold is not the only factor that let you suffer eye irritation. You'd better go to see a doctor to solute your confusion and take a thorough eye exam to determine the real reasons for your eye pain. By the way, eye strain and eye dry can cause several eye diseases, so take good a rest and stay fit when you feel uncomfortable on your eyes.
  • Nathan


    Occasionally, a common cold can cause eye irritation. Medically, cold is caused by various cold viruses among which one type called adenovirus not only is the main cause of cold but also conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is proved to be the source of red eye, a typical eye irritation. And in this circumstance, the eye irritation will disappear as long as the cold get healed. However, you can still get eye irritation during cold due to other factors. Eye irritation can be caused by a variety of infections and injuries such as allergy, virus, chemical and bacteria either. Have a eye examination and you will get the answer.
  • cdale


    Yes, cold will cause your eye irritation. When you get cold, you will find that your immune system will decline. Your eyes may feel dry easily which will easily cause the eye irritation. You should drink more water. At the same time, you need to cure your cold first. Then you could do the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable.

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