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What kind of sunglasses does bruno mars wear?

Can you tell me what kind of sunglasses does bruno mars wear? Where can i find a similar one? Is it costly?
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  • hall


    It seems that bruno mars is quite attractive to you huh? So, as you can see he is one of the promising singers and musicians in America and he would like to wear different eyewear on a regular basis, what we frequently see is called black glasses, which are widely known and accepted. You could find a similar one at Walmart or Lenscrafters, of course over these two places, they are a bargain.
  • giles


    Bruno mars always wear Ray Ban Signet RB 3429 sunglasses. This type of sunglasses are retro fashion, featuring bold shiny metal details. This classic style of sunglasses is smaller in size with rounded oval lenses, thus fitting most face shapes. As it is a famous brand, the price of it is a little expensive. If you want to buy, you can go shopping in its official website where you can get a discount price.