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What is the white stuff in the corner of my eyes?

Every morning, i find there are some white stuff in the corner of my eyes. What caused that?
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  • anderson


    There must be the problems for your eyes. Your eyes may get the infection or the inflammation that you don't notice. You should go to the hospital and have a full check on the eyes. Some white stuff may cause the effect to your eye vision. You'd better know clearly the reason and then you can treat them well.
  • Sara scott


    That white stuff is a complex of bacteria and flagstaff cells that fought together to save your eyes when you be sleeping too deep. And the white mucus is normal lubricant stuff produced by glands in the eyelid area, so don't worry about that, it cannot hurt your eye.
  • Connor nelson


    According to your description of your situation, I can see that the stuff is nothing serious but some simple eye discharge which is originated from your natural metabolism process. However, if the amount of eye discharge is far too much, then you perhaps have something wrong with your eyes. Thne it would be wise for you to identify the real cause. Hope you are free from those problems.

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