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Is it ok to lift weights after laser eye surgery?

Can i lift after laser eye surgery? Is it bad for my eyes?
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  • Geoff Beckett


    Looks like you have just taken laser eye surgery, which could help you regain your impaired vision. So, we think it is quite useful, huh? However, we should also know that it has got some lasting impacts on our body and could limit some of our activities, such as strenuous sports such as weightlifting which could do some harm to our eyes and body within a period of time. Anyway you should not do anything stupid before you fully recover ok?
  • Cameron giles


    Well, generally speaking, you should not lift weights after you have taken an eye surgery. As we know that, by lifting weights, it can just increase blood pressure in your eyes, and then it can lead to high eye pressure. Also, bloodshot eyes can occur. What is more, it can just do a harm job to your eyes, for your eyes are sensitive and fragile after the surgery. And in this way, it will just hurt your eyes and slow down your eyes' recovery. Besides, you should avoid eye infection too. by the way, some heavy exercises should be avoided too.
  • Rinon david


    Because of the tremendous rundown of sports, exercises, and activities that we as a whole appreciate and the assorted variety of every one, there is no single response to this inquiry. Additionally, the prescribed time may vary contingent upon what sort of laser eye surgery you have had. On the off chance that you have had LASIK surgery, in which a fold is made amid the technique, at that point coming back to sports or exercise not long after surgery could put you in danger of fold difficulties. Even something as guiltless as wiping sweat out of your eye can cause these sort of difficulties, so it is basic that you hold up the full period of time exhorted by your optometrist. Refer:best essay writing service
  • AChiman


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