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Can wearing glasses cause bags under eyes?

I have worn glasses for many years since i was 12, my dark circles are very noticeable without them. But someone told me wearing glasses can make eyes bags worse. Is this true?
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  • Aaron lewis


    Wearing glasses can cause bags under eyes, because wearing glasses for a long period of time will increase the burden for eyes, it is easy to make eye fatigue, which can weaken eye's metabolic function, after a long time, it will make you have bags under eyes and will also make you have dark circles.
  • chocolate_cute


    In my opinion, there is a little relationship between wearing glasses and causing eye bags. I have wearing glasses for years, and the eye bags become bigger and bigger. Because all the pressure have on on our eyes all the time. In that way, it causes the eye bags. But it doesn't means this is the only condition. So, in order to prevent our eye bags becoming bigger, we had better keep 8 hours of sleep. Also, we can eat more vegetables, fruits to beneficial the eyes and doing eye exercises.
  • confused_withac


    No, wearing glasses can't cause bags under eyes, the main reasons of baggy eyes are unbalanced diet and the lack of sleep. One of the most crucial steps in eliminating the bags around your eyes is to have at least a few early nights. sleep is a key ingredient. Another important step is to try to avoid all junk food and increase your intake of vitamins K and E. Some other home remedies that you can use to cure the bags under your eyes include: Drinking a minimum of eight to 10 glasses of water daily; Applying potato or cucumber slices to the eyes each day; A reduction in the amount of salt that you consume. Not only does salt contribute to the shadows and bags, it can also result in puffy eyes; Cut down on your smoking or drinking, and give it up if possible. Hope this helps:)
  • tommy


    No, i don't think so, I wearing eyeglasses everyday when i work with my prescription eyeglasses for several years. But i have no eye bags. The skin around my eyes still in good condition. So, i think the eye bags have nothing to do with the eyeglasses. And there are many reasons may cause dark circles. One of the most common reason is lack of sleep or go to bed to lately. So, you shall keep good life style that will help you reduce dark eyes.
  • camzron


    Wearing glasses will make your eyes be slightly out of shape if you adopt some using habits or gestures. However, it will not cause eye bags. The saying that wearing glasses would cause bags under eyes is not scientific. The eye bags are born naturally or sometimes caused by insufficient sleep.
  • Cassidy bell


    I do not think it is true. There can be many different reasons that bags or dark circles may appear under your eyes. Some of the reasons include insomnia, stress, depression, lack of certain nutrients, fatigue or an unbalanced diet. Additionally, progressive aging and underlying health conditions may also contribute to this condition. The issue of bags under your eyes may also result from your genes. Maybe it is a coincidence that you get dark eye bags when you wear your eyeglasses. At the same time, you also are lack of sleep and you feel very tired. So, if you would like to get rid of your eye bags, you should find the real cause of your bag eyes. Hope this helpful.

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