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Carlos rodney


What is the best treatment for under eye wrinkles?

I noticed the eye wrinkles under my eyes. Can you tell me how to treat it? What is the best treatment for the eye wrinkles?
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  • Dixie Mentry


    It seems that you are not very happy with your eye wrinkles, so, yes of course, with age, we tend to develop some eye wrinkles. And generally speaking, there are some ways you could try in order to fix the problem for some time. First up, you could try to get some eye creams which are effective in removing eye wrinkles, also, you could try to get some botox injection, or you could resort to a healthier diet which could help your skin stay vigorous.
  • Alexa joyce


    You can reduce your eye wrinkles by increasing the intake of water to stay hydrated because dryness of the skin is prone to the appearance of the eye wrinkles, so you had better drink 8 glasses of water at least every day. Foods rich in antioxidants such as beetroot, tomatoes, red peppers, and kiwi also help getting rid of the eye wrinkles. In addition, ensure sufficient sleep so that the body can produce the human growth hormones to keep it elastic. Do not smoke and control the alcohol consumption if you want to eliminate the eye wrinkles. Furthermore, eye massage, eye exercises and eye masks are effective ways of treating eye wrinkles.
  • Christina


    As we know, with the age growing, our skin will easily lose the collagen which takes the role of tightening. It is the age problem that causes the eye wrinkles in a common way. However, this is not the only reason for people with wrinkles. Such as lacking of sleep or the pull in the eye muscles. And there are various ways to relieve this symptom. Get enough rest, keep health diet, keep away from the radiation from TV and computer as far as possible. Neverthless, in my opinion, the best treatment is massaging it gently on the skin around eyes which are the very sensitive areas with essential oil, which has strong permeable layer ability and can provide vitamin E to skin cell effectively. If you keep above measures everyday, I promise you will see the difference. Thanks.