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Are there natural ways to lower eye pressure?

Do you know any natural ways to help people with high eye pressure? Can you give me some suggestions to lower the eye pressure?
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  • david


    Drink small amounts of water throughout the day will help to lower your eye pressure, but remember not to drink a large amount of water at one time, which would increase eye pressure instead. As mental factors can give rise to hypertension, resulting in eye pressure, so you can take more lotus seed, cornmeal, walnut in your diets to relieve the uneasiness of mind and gain body tranquilization and you can engage yourself in meditation, yoga, massage, warm baths, music, mind imagery and pet therapy to relieve stress. In addition, you need to control your blood pressure at a safe level in case of high eye pressure. If you are accustomed to drinking caffeinated coffee, then you must lower the amount of caffeine you consume, you can drink tea instead. Furthermore, aerobic exercises have an effect of lowering eye pressure.
  • emptyheading


    As a matter of fact, the high eye pressure is caused by an imbalance between the production and drainage of fluid in the eye. But don't worry, it's normal symptom and there are some measures to lower the eye pressure. Firstly, you can take a short break to excise your eyes after working for a long time. And you should plan a balanced diet with enough fresh vegetables and fruits contain vitamins which are good for our eyes health. In addition, caffeine is also an important factor to high eye pressure, you are supposed to reduce caffeine consumption if you drink all the time. I believe you will see the changes a few days later.
  • Mya harris


    According to your description, it makes me feel that there are some problems with your eye pressure. Yes of course, it should know that high eye pressure could give rise to some problems. So, it would be wise for us to keep it at a moderate level. In order to do this, you should try to lead a healthy life, have a healthy diet and try get exercise. Also, try to be happy. Hope you find this useful.