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Ana evelyn


Does olive oil work for dark circles?

I heard that olive oil can help people with dark circles. Does it really work?
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  • Ariana kirk


    Well, yes, olive oil can be good for dark circles under your eyes. First, you should know that when your eyes muscle is stressed, it is possible to have wrinkles and dark circles under eyes. And at this time, you can try some ways to treat it. For example, you can just apply olive oil, which is effective to treat it. According to some researches, olive oil is rich in vitamins, and also, it has some healing properties that will help not only to reduce swelling, but also help to dark circles. By the way, for dark circles, you also need to pay more attention to lack of sleep, stress, and also many other factors. Anyway, just have a try, and it can be effective.
  • Christina keith


    Dark circles under the eye can be reduced if you have a good remedy for the skin under your eyes. Some honey, like olive oil does help move the dark circles under your eyes. Actually oily breakouts or acne can benefit the skin on the face overall besides the under eye area. Try it and it really works!
  • Katelyn owen


    Olive oil is pretty useful as a remedy for lots of problem, such as eyes problem and skin problem. It contains lots of nutritions and vitamins which can promote blood circulation, improve people's immune system, etc. As you can see, olive oil can help people with dark circles, because dark circle can't be naturally cured because people's blood circulation is bad. Massage your eyes with olive oil every day, you'll be fine few days later.
  • Michelle leonard


    It is true. While olive oil lends itself to all-over skin care, its minerals and fatty acids particularly help plump up the eyes and give dark circles a little glow, as does its vitamin K content, which normalizes skin tone. Although olive oil won't instantly remedy dark circles, a regular routine of simple application helps reduce the intensity of their appearance over time, and you might just enjoy some additional skin-friendly benefits along the way.

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