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Christina nelson


What are thyroid disease effects on eyes?

Is it possible to affect eyes if i suffer thyroid disease? If so, how can the thyroid disease effect my eyes?
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  • Kyle owen


    Well, it seems that your situation is not very good. So, as you can see thyroid disease is quite serious sometimes which could give rise to some relevant problems in relation to the eyes such as stye or a dramatic drop in your vision. So, what you should do is to get some treatment from the hospital and try to avoid spoil your body. Anyway, you need to take care of your thyroid disease and pay attention to your eyes.
  • Ronda


    Yes, it is possible for you to get the eyes problems because of the thyroid disease. As we know, the nerves in the whole body are interlinked. When you get the thyroid disease, your eye nerves will be affected. Your eyes may feel dry because of the thyroid disease. You should add the nutrition in your daily life to make the eyes moisture.
  • etherealfreak


    Well, yes, thyroid diseases can lead to a lot of eye problems. for example, it can cause dark circles under your eyes. As we know that thyroid disease is a thyroid hormone deficiency disease. And it may occur at any age and is common in older adults. because this kind of disease can cause an infiltration of complex sugar molecules in your face, which leads to swelling and discoloration in your face and around your eyes. and then the dark circles can occur. And the swelling eyes can occur too. to treat your situation, you can eat more fruits and vegetables and it can be effective. anyway, you can also console it with your doctor.