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What causes eyes to be sensitive to light?

My eyes are sensitive to light. When I am going outside, I often feel that the sunlight are so strong, I can't even open my eyes. And when I am sleeping, my mum turns on the light suddenly. I will feel that my eyes hurt. Can you tell me why? Is there any problem with my eyes?
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  • Riley eddy


    Don't worry friend. I think that is a common phenomenon. I am suffering the same situation as you did. I can tell you some ways to protect your eyes from the harsh light. First you can wear a pair of sunglasses when you are in the outside. Second, you can buy an eyeshade in any shops. You can wear them when you are sleeping. My sister and I both have a cute eyeshade and they do really help.
  • David Safir


    Maybe you are experiencing a common condition which is known as photophobia. It means you are sensitive to light or intolerant to light. Some people are sensitive to sunlight, while some are sensitive to any type of brightness. You may suffer this after a long period of working at your computer which may cause eye strain. Under such conditions, the tired or sore eyes may not need urgent medical attention. People with lighter-colored eyes tend to be more sensitive to bright light too. If your situation got worse, I suggest you to see the eye doctor.