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What causes eye irritation in swimming pools?

My sister and I got eye irritation after swimming in a public swimming pool. My parents often tell us not to swim in the public swimming pools. I don't know why? Can you tell me what caused the irritation?
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  • Katelyn


    Dear kid, your parents are right. Think about that, public swimming pools are much cheaper and some of them even open to the public for free, so there are many people swimming in the public swimming pools. But the employees may not get the water changed frequently. The water is so dirty. The bacteria on the bodies and feet will enter into our eyes, so the water will cause eye irritation. Be a good kid next time and don't let your parents worry too much.
  • Allison walker


    Kid, you should swim in a well maintained pool which has the correct level of chlorine that will not cause irritated eyes. Your eye irritation may be caused by chlorine in the water. There are two types of chlorine. Free chlorine can disinfect your water. it is a good choice. If the chlorine is combined with urine, fecal matter, body oils, perspiration etc, it will cause eye irritation. You can use swimming goggles for some relief next time.