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What is the treatment for eye cancer?

I heard that cancer cannot be cured. But I think nowadays our technology develops so quickly. We can cure it. My sister just had eye cancer. Can you tell me how to cure it? Is there any effective treatment?
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  • elpropio


    Dear, I am sorry to hear that. Which kind of cancer did she get? If she got the recurrent eye melanoma, you can have surgery to remove the eye. As to the cancer cells which are left behind, you may also have radiotherapy after surgery to kill off them. If the cancer has come back outside your eyeball, the doctor often adapt to chemotherapy or biological therapy or both of them to help with the treatment.
  • coldnd


    I am sorry to hear your suffering too. I think eye cancer can be cured if it is just at the early stage. Most people with eye cancers will consult the doctor for some hospitals with high reputations to carry out the treatment. It is important to find a treatment that is suitable for your sister. I suggest you to talk with the doctor immediately, later the eye surgeon and the specialist nurse will explain the treatment in detail.

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