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How to remove foreign object from eye?

I just got some tiny object into my eye. It hurts. Can you tell me some ways to remove it out?
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  • elen_t


    Dear friend, what kind of object? Dust? An eyelash? Or a sharp small object? I often got my eyelashes into my eyes. It hurts and sting. If you are suffering this, I suggest you not to rub your eyes. Then wet your clean towel, wring them until it doesn't drop water. Then use it to wipe your eyes, usually from nose side to the temple side. You can keep your eyes open at the same time but remember to be gentle. Usually the eyelashes will get out of your eyes very quickly.
  • Kyle kirk


    It can be annoying and potentially dangerous if we can't get the object out of your eye. But you can try this. First, you should wash your hands with soaps. Second, you can move your eye back and forth to locate where the object is. If you cannot do this by yourself, you can ask a friend or family member to do the inspection for you. You can also pull your own eyelid down and slowly look up. Then you can use a piece of clean and soft tissue to wipe the object gently, they often cling to your tissue directly. If the object is difficult to find and get out, you should seek medical attention immediately. Don't rub your eyes and don't flush them with water.

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