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How soon can i exercise after blepharoplasty?

I just took a blepharoplasty. Can you tell me how soon can i do some exercise without affecting the recovery of my eyes?
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  • Kelley


    My suggestion is that you should wait at least for 3 weeks. If you don't want to affect the recovery, you'd better do exercises after you fully recovered. Eyes could be the most delicate and fragile organs and openings on human body. The blepharoplasty surgery will remove some extra fat and skin from eyelids. If you don't protect the wounds carefully from any bacteria, damages from strong light, wind or dust, it could easily cause infections, wound dehiscence or bleeding and prolong your recovery time. I believe you don't want this. According to the surgeon, no strenuous exercises are allowed in 3 weeks after this surgery. No contact sport is allowed until the doctor told you everything was fine that you can do such sports. Actually after this surgery, even if you go back to school or work about 10 days after this surgery, your vision might still be blurry that reading could be challenging for you. So why don't take a good care of your eyes and do some exercises until they are all good?
  • Alexander


    Well, generally speaking, you should not take exercises in the first week after the surgery. First, you should know that by doing exercises after the surgery, it will increase the eye strain. And in that way, it will just make your eyes feel tired, leading to some eye problems too. Also, it will just slow down the recovery speed. So you need to avoid it. By the way, you also should take care when you have a shower, because your eyes should not have some water get into your eyes, or it will just infect your eyes.
  • Kevin percy


    After you do the blepharoplasty, you'd better take great care of your eyes. You should not use your eyes too much time with little rest. If you want to do the exercise, you'd better wait for about two week's basic recovery. Or else, it will affect the recovery of your eyes. You could keep the good habit of life and diet to make your eyes feel comfortable.

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