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Can I add anti-reflective coating to tinted eyeglasses?

I intend to buy tinted glasses but I don't know whether I should put an anti-reflective coating on them.If I have the coating on my glasses, does it mean I can see more clearly through them? Anyone knows?
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  • Jack percy


    Anti-reflective coatings help reduce glare. So you can put anti-reflective coating on the tinted glasses. However, it is difficult to put the anti-reflective coating on the tinted glasses that have already made and it will cost you so much.I don't think you have to do that way. So you'd better buy a new pair.
  • Christina nelson


    You can get benefits from anti-reflective coating on your glasses. They can reduce eyestrain while using computer and make you feel comfortable while work on the computer for a long time. If you also feel eyestrain on other occasions, anti-reflective coasting on your eyeglasses will be helpful. So just add anti-reflective coating to your eyeglasses and you will feel your eyeglasses will serve you better.
  • Zoe


    Well,I think this can be realized.This can both improve ur vision as well as enhance ur appearance.But I am not sure how u achieve that.Personally,I think this is very hard to make if u just do it on ur own.So u had better take them to ur local optical store or just have them to ur eye doctor.I would not do it myself if I were u cuz this can easily get ur glasses ruined.
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