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Jade james


What kind of glasses should I get rimless, semi-rimless, or regular?

I am planning to get a new pair of glasses which can be something stylish. I think rimless glasses is great. Does anyone ever have had that kind of glasses? How do you think?
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  • lova


    It depends how high you prescription is. If you have a high prescription, you'd better not get rimless glasses because the lens with a high prescription is too thick. And if you are rough on your glasses, full frame glasses are a good choice for you. rimless glasses need adjustment more often because the screws may loose easily. However, you can try them on and then decide which kind suit you best.
  • coloursoflife


    I depends on your face shape.In my opinion, semi-rimless glasses are much nice and it is much stronger than rimless glasses. My glasses have lasted for several years and it is still in good condition.Hope this helps.