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Mackenzie rose


Will 20% grey tinted eyeglasses darker the colors I see?

I am planning to get a pair of 20% grey tinted glasses. But I don't know whether the tinted glasses that is 20% grey can make the things darker if I see through them.Can anyone have tinted glasses before? What's your experience?
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  • John


    If you have 20% grey tinted glasses, I think it won't affect the original color but the color may be not as bright as it's real color, especially when you are in bright sunlight. However it won't differ so much.
  • James�� green


    I think if the tint is high quality, it won't change colors at all.It just may reduce the intensity of the light. However if you buy some cheap tinted glasses, they may change the color.But I never buy cheap tinted glasses.

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