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What type of goggles are best for swimming?

What are the best swim goggles for outdoor swimming?
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  • cruelladeville0


    When you participate in outdoor swimming this visibility can be one of the trouble, especialy for the bright light. It is hard to see clear the water around more than others you have to deal with the reflection of the sun off the water. So you have to choose a special made or swim goggles which can block sunlight and can increase line of sight with a low profile so you can experience less resistance. You can take a look at the Speed Socket Mirror Swim Goggles, Speed Socket Polarized Goggles and Vanquisher 2.0 Plus Goggles.
  • Luis


    There is not one type that fits everyone ,I think . You just need to choose what you feel comfortable and make sure they will not fog up and let water in when under water . When you are trying on a pair of goggles ,press them firmly against your eyes--without using the strap. Remove your hands from the goggles slightly. If the goggle eye cups remain adhered to your face, they should provide an adequate seal against leaks. If one or both eye cups come loose, they likely will leak under water. source :