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CeCe Bazel


How to buy computer glasses online?

I think I need a pair of computer glasses cuz I stay long hours in front of my conputer and every time I am troubled with eye strain and blurred vision, I want to know how to order computer glasses online?
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  • Diane Bradstock


    To buy prescription computer glasses online, you need to choose reliable online store for their prices are more competive and with good quality.For ordering online,if you need to get prescription computer glasses, you should have your eyes examined and get your prescription for computer glasses(ADD value should be included), and then choose a reliable online store and choose the just eyeglasses frames, at last enter your prescription for your RX computer glasses. But if you need a non-prescription computer glasses, you just need to choose the eyeglasses frames and state clear this glasses is for non-prescription computer glasses is OK.That's how to order computer glasses online.Hope these can help you.
  • easilymused


    To purchase computer glasses online,if you wear non-prescription glasses,you just need to choose a reliable store and choose the frame you like and ask for clear lenses with anti-glare coating.If you need prescription computer glasses,you need to know your prescription first.When you order the prescription computer glasses,there would be a form for you to enter your prescription.You just need to fill as it indicates.After that,you will be asked to pay for it via paypal or credit card and leave your address,telephone and other information.If you finish the order,there should be a prompt.Then you just need to wait for several days for the glasses shipped to your home.

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