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Is there any way to prevent retinal detachment?

I think retinal detachment is a serious problem and people who have high nearsightedness are prone to get retinal detachment. Can retinal detachment be prevented and how?
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  • evil_bastardpdx


    In most of cases, you cannot prevent retina detachment. But here are some ways that may help reduce the risks of retina detachments. If you do some danger work, you'd better shield your eyes with safety glasses that can prevent small objects flying into your eyes. If you a person who often join sports, you shall protect your eyes with sports goggles to avoid eye injuries. If you suffer diabetes, you shall take regular eye exam and control your blood sugar level.
  • Adam peters


    Retinal detachment is more common for people aged from 40 to 70, and the majority of them are high myopia. Recent years, young people suffer from the retinal detachment in the rise. Here is my suggestion 1. Do not overuse your eyes. 2. Do not lift heavy things. 3. Do not do strenuous activities. 4 Prevent the occurrence of myopia. 5 Patients suffering from myopia should regularly go to the hospital for examination 6 Prevent eye injuries. 7 If the illness is slight, you should rest in the bed for a few days and eat more fruits, vegetables, light diet, do not chew hard things, maintain smooth stool. 8 If the illness is serious, you must have surgical treatment, the sooner you take action, the better you protect your eyes. As long as you found symptoms, you should immediately go to the hospital for examination, diagnosis and treatment