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Can I wear 2 week contacts more than 2 weeks?

I have bought a pair of 2 week contact lenses. Is it OK if i wear the lenses more than 2 weeks?
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  • candylips167


    Well, in the first place, I do not quite understand your meaning. Do you mean you want to wear those contact lenses without taking them out for two weeks, or wear them everyday before sleep. Anyway, the former idea is absolutely insane and could give rise to tremendous damage to your eyes, even make you blind. So, it would be wise for you to wear then everyday for less than 8 hours maybe and give your eyes enough time to rest.
  • Judy


    No, it is not OK for you to wear the 2 week contact lenses for more than 2 weeks. As we know, every contact lenses has its own expired time. You'd better use it before the expired time. Or else, the water content of the contact lenses will not provide you the enough water. You may get dry at the eyes. In addition, your eyes may get infection easily. As we know, the direct touched contact lenses will provide you the chance of breathing. If the contact lenses are used over the expired time, the water content will be decreased which will make your eyes feel dry. Your eyes may get high possibility of getting infection and inflammation.

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