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What Causes Red Itchy Eyes ?

I have red and itchy eyes. I don't know what caused this. Can you tell me what causes red itchy eyes?
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  • Kyle


    Red and itchy eyes can be caused by many reasons. You can apply artificial tears to moisten your eyeballs and relieve the symptoms. You can also place a piece of ice on your closed eyes to help with your red and itchy eyes. If your red and itchy eyes were caused by long time use of computers, you need to have a rest every half an hour. You can look at the distance or close your eyes for few minutes.
  • Ariana oliver


    Infections, allergens and trauma can cause red and itchy eyes. If you get an infection, you'd better see an eye doctor immediately for some kind of infections can be highly contagious. If you are just suffering from allergens, you can avoid the allergens to relieve the symptom without any special treatment. If your red and itchy eyes were caused by trauma, you need to see an eye doctor for professional treatment.