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Dawn C.


Why Do Eyes Change Color with Seasons ?

I saw that our eyes will be darker in the winter and be lighter in the summer. Why? Will our eyes change color with season?
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  • carolmck


    Our eyes will not change color with season. The pigment in our eyes will determine the color of our eyes. If the amount of pigments hasn't changed, the color of our eyes will not change. We know that there is less light in winter, so our pupil needs to dilate to let in more lights. While in summer, there is too much light, our pupil will let less light in, so it seems that our eye color is lighter.
  • hand_in__hand


    Dear friend, the color of our eyes will change with age. And sometimes it will change when we are suffering from serious diseases. But our eye color seems to change with season too. But I doubt about that for I think our eyes seem to be darker in winter for we usually wear dark clothes while in summer we often wear brighter clothes and the reflection on our eyes will make our eyes seem changed the color.

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