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Can botox cause bags under the eyes?

I received botox and i know there are some side effects of botox. Wondering if botox will lead to eye bags?
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  • Jackson raphael


    Yes, boxtox can cause bags under the eyes. But there is little chance for you to get eye bags after using botox. Botox can block up transmission of nerve ending and paralysis subcutaneous tissue. In that case it can help our tissue have a short rest and reduce wrinkles and eye bags.Though it has this kind of function, it still has its side effect. When you use too much botox or use it in wrong way, it will cause bags under the eyes and muscle weakness such as neck weakness, prolapsed, mouth weakness, tiresome, eyelids weakness and so on. Boxtox can cause eyes bags as well.
  • marvina


    No, Botox will not cause bags under your eyes. On the contrary, Botox can treat them to some degrees. As we know that Botox is far better equipped to treat the lines at the side of your eyes which are known as crow's feet and this is the basic function of it. And in some cases a combination of Botox and dermal fillers can improve their appearance. But on the other hand, it really does depend on the extent of bags under the eyes, so that it can treat bags. Besides, there are many factors which can cause the bags under your eyes, such as the age, genetics, allergies, and lack of sleep. So you can have a good and relaxing rest, which is a good way to treat eye bags. Also, you can put cucumbers on your eyes and use Witch hazel.
  • Elvis Presley


    Many women like to take the botox injection now to beautify them. Usually you will see effect after 3 days - 14 days of the botox injection. After ten days, your wrinkles will slowly stretch and the skin may become flat .This effect may be maintained for about four months. It general needs the injection 3-4 times a year. However, it may have the side effects, like leading to the eye bags after the botox. For example,if you inject on the head, you will have the headache after the injection. If the injection is done in an inappropriate way, you may have the blepharoptosis. And the allergic persons may not appropriate to take this. If you have the eye bags after the botox, you'd better check it again and accept the treatment.

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