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Can eye strain cause bags under eyes?

My eyes are often strained. Does eye strain lead to bags under eyes?
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  • emptybot


    Yes, eye strain can cause eye bags under your eyes. First, you should know that most bags under the eyes are the result of accumulated fat in the eye area. When the septum surrounding the eyeball weakens, it will lead to causing the outer layer of fat within the socket to sink forward. Then in this way, they can make it look like you have literal "bags" under your eyes. So when you have eye strain on your eyes, it is easy to weaken your eyes. At that time, the Bags under the eyes will occur. According to some experts, bags under eyes can also be caused by poor skin elasticity, excessive salt intake and pollutants, such as smoke. To get rid of them, you should take some measures, such as regulating inflammation and fluid retention, as well as constricting the blood vessels.
  • Christina keith


    Till now, i didn't find any proves to show that eye strain can cause eye bags under eyes. But if you often get strained eyes, you must pay attention to tit. Long time and often get strained eyes may cause eye twitching, cause headache, blur vision and as well as myopia etc. If you have myopia, often strain your eyes can make your eyes look myopia more serious.
  • b2jb


    Yes, eye strain can cause bags. When your eyes skin and muscle of your eyes loose, there will be something like bags rise high under your eyes .This is why we call them eye bags. There are many reasons why these eye bags appear. Such as lack of sleep, late nights in front of the computer screen, aging, tiredness and so on. So you must make sure why these eye bags appear. And get rid of eye strain and have enough sleep. Eat more foods high in antioxidant such as green vegetables and fruits. Apply some firming eye cream to your eyes in day and some emollient cream to your eyes in light.