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Jocelyn griffin


Can sinus infection cause bags under the eyes?

Is sinus infection one cause of eye bags? How to get rid of eye bags?
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  • Kaylee


    Yes, sinus infection can lead to bags under your eyes. According to some experts, when your under-eye area swells and then deflates time and time again during a sinus infection, this will be possible to cause loose skin to develop. And in that case, it will eventually turn into under-eye bags. So when you get your sinus infection treated, the under-eye bags will also be reduced. But there are also many other ways to reduce the bags under your eyes. For example, you should avoid allergens and pollutants, which can irritate the mucous membranes and cause swelling and blood vessel dilation. Also, not enough sleep, stress can lead to eye bags too. So having a good and relaxing rest is a good way to treat eye bags. Also, you can put cucumbers on your eyes and stop drinking.
  • evil_bastardpdx


    Yes. It is possible to cause eye bags because of sinus infection. A chronic sinus condition can create bags and dark circles under the eyes. If you have got a sinus infection , it can cause the loosen skin and eventually turn into under eye bags. If you want to get rid of eye bags from sinus, you'd better first treat your sinus infection. only if Sinus infection be treated, it will reduce the eye bags.
  • candylips167


    Yes, it is true that sometimes sinus infection could give rise to eye bags. Because as you can see, sinus infection can lead to a lot of uncomfortable feelings and symptoms, such as plenty of nose discharge, headache, etc. And it will cause swollen eyes which would be regarded as eye bags. So, in order to tackle this problem, you have to seek professional treatment, also you must change your current lifestyle so as not to develop sinus infection again.
  • Sinupret Sa


    Possibly. When you grow older,the muscles that support your eyelids can weaken, allowing the fat tissues that support the eyes to move forward. These can also be caused by the Lack of sleep and a poor diet which can also be the cause of sinus infections. Cannot really imagine nasal discharge being in those bags though, it can only be fluid from around the eyes.

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