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Elijah leslie


Can you get bags under your eyes from stress?

Can stress cause eye bags? How to remove these annoying eye bags?
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  • Brooke peters


    It is possible. Academically, eye bag is aroused by sagging muscle and cumulated fat under eyes. It occurs to aging people. For eye bags we talked about often in nowadays, it is just swelling of palpebras inferior. They exists when people feel too tire and lack of sleep. When people dose not get enough sleeping, efficiency of body function will slow down. So does metabolism. Therefore, fat, extra water and other substance will stay in vessels. As the skin under eyes is thinner, when there are cumulating substances, it swells obviously. Stress also causes eye bags as it make you stay at night. Too much pressure will disorder you body function. There are lots of tips to remove eye bags. People use a lot of things to press eye bag so as to remove them, such as warm total, cucumber slices, and petals. They all work. But the working part is the pressure of these object will accelerate bleeding. And different object will do well to your skin. For example, cucumber slice will make your skin watery and petals are aging resistant.
  • EDWIN Caster


    Yes, stress can also cause the bags under your eyes. For example, when you have stress, it will irritate your nerve system, and even can affect your eyes, finally, it can lead to eye strain. As we know that eye strain can lead to eye bags. So you should take some measures to treat your eye bags. For example, you should make your self have a good and relaxing life, so that it can be good for your eyes. Besides, you can use Witch hazel. As we know that Witch hazel can provide astringency which is a natural anti-inflammatory. And it can shrink veins and mucous membranes, protect skin, get rid of swelling, relieve irritation, and stop discharge, and weeping. Because of their special function, Witch hazel can also help to get rid of the swelling, irritation, and occasional discharge in eyes, especially the eye bags. so just to use some.
  • Monica Sanmartin


    I had terrible under eye bags due to stress/lack of sleep. Dermalmd under eye treatment serum took care of it! Not sure it did much for the fine lines/wrinkles, but with the bags gone, my eyes look 100% better!