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Does clear eyes help pink eye?

Is there anyone who used Clear eyes?. Is it good for eyes? Does clear eyes help pink eye?
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  • debby truax


    Yes, it is good for the eyes. If you have the pink eyes, you could use the clear eyes to make the eyes get out of the invisible bacterium. You could keep on using it to make your eyes get clear. In addition, you should keep the good habit in diet and not smoke, drink and so on. Thus, your eyes will get recovery soon.
  • Michelle


    Clear eyes help pink eye is true, but just a remedy. The symptoms of pink eye will change gradually during the diseases processes. At the prime time pink eye begin with the sensation that something is in your eye, maybe a piece of grit; next a pinkish starts to appear in your eye and excess tearing may occur; then after two to three days, your other eye will suffer the same symptoms as the one that already suffered without and medical treatment. However, if both of your two eyes are infected, your eyes will much painful and worse than before. Pink eye is a very irritating illness. It really can drive people crazy. So it's a good idea to visit your doctor when you first notice symptoms of pink eye to ensure that it is not bacterial pink eye.