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Can hypnosis change your eye color?

People say that hypnosis can usually change your eye color, is that true? Is it a safe way?
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  • Danielle lewis


    I noticed that some advertisement that hypnosis can change the eye color. But i never experience that. If you interesting in it, maybe you can have try. They said that hypnosis can change the eye color in a safely and naturally way. They also claimed that or mind are capable of controlling many more aspects of your body than you may realize. If you believe hypnosis could change the eye color, you can make your dream come true.
  • Anthony


    That is totally ridiculous! Our eye color is genetic, you know? And since hypnosis is just a state of mind so that it can never change the color of your eyes. You need to stop dreaming, lol. And the only way for you to change your eye color in a faster way is to wear colored contacts. But one more word, also not very safe. Wearing colored contacts for a long time can be very bad for your eye health. Sometimes people find that they have different eye colors in different times and I can' t agree with that. I think this may be misunderstood by the different environments. Factors such as light, the color of the room and so on. Wake up, guy!

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