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What would happen if I blink or move my eyes during lasik surgery?

I am a little anxious to get lasik surgery, and I wonder what would happen if I blink or move my eyes during lasik surgery?
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  • b3aut1fl_d1zast


    Before lasik surgery, your eyes will be numbed by numbing drops and you will not feel your eyes. Also the doctor will keep your eyes open with a small instrument to prevent blinking. In case there is slight movement, the microscope can detect it and stop work. So there is no need to worry about that.
  • Theresa M


    Don't worry about blinking or any other accidental movements during the LASIK procedure. The eye is held open by an eyelid speculum. If your eye moves, the laser machine can detect it and will make adjustments to the laser beam in order to maintain a constant relationship with the eye.
  • garcia


    There is no problem if you blink or move my eyes during lasik surgery. During the surgery, your surgeon will use advanced lasers to track the movement of your eye. If you move your eyes, your surgeon can detect and stop the laser treatment. So don't worry. The surgery won't hurt your eyes.
  • Luis


    There is no need to worry about it. Your eyes won't be damaged because your surgeon will stop the laser treatment if you bink or move your eyes during the lasik surgery. Because they have advanced lasers with tracking system which can track the movements of your eyes.
  • Rebecca


    Blinking is not a problem as your eye is propped open throughout the procedure by the lid speculum. When the cornea flap is being created, you will not be able to move your eye as it is held firmly by the strong suction force exerted through the suction ring. During the laser phase, you are required to keep your gaze fixed at the blinking red light straight ahead. Do not worry that your eye may inadvertently drift away as the surgeon is closely monitoring the procedure throughout and can halt treatment at any time should drifting occur. In addition, all modern lasers have a sophisticated built-in eye tracking system that will actively follow any small movements of your eye. This will ensure that the laser treatment is applied at the right spot throughout the procedure.
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