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David garcia


Is eye makeup bad for your eye health?

Every time I use eye makeup I get swollen eyes and a headache the next day. Does this mean I can't wear eye makeup? Any suggestion?
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  • edward


    This may be caused by your allergetic to these chemical material . You can use them seperately to find which you are allergetic to ,the eyeline or the mascara . After you make it clear ,search the ingredients to see if there are prohibited parts. It is better to choose some hypoallergenic make-up .
  • Isabelle


    It sounds like your are allergetic to eye makeup. You should stop wearing eye makeup for several days and see if it can get better. If it is really caused by eye makeup, you may switch to other brand which is hypoallergenic.
  • walker


    Maybe it because the skin around your eye is allergic to the kind of makeup that you use now. You should stop using them now and try changing for other types.

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