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Can rosacea cause red eyes?

Is it true that rosacea cause red eyes? How?
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  • DOUGLAS Fritch


    Well, yes, rosacea can lead to red eyes. Generally speaking, if your eyes are chronically red, rosacea just may be the cause. As we know that rosacea is a kind of problem which often occurs in people who suffer with skin rosacea. But on the other hand, it is possible to have ocular rosacea without having the skin version. And at this moment, it will just make your eyes become red, even bloodshot. Also, there are some other symptoms such as redness of the eyelids. And in common, prescription eye drops which will contain steroids can be effective to the red eyes caused by rosacea. So you can have a try.
  • Jocelyn david


    I asked my brother-in-law who is a doctor, he said"Rosacea can cause red eyes indeed". Rosacea is a chronic disease and affects all ages. I don't think people who can really be fond of rosacea. Meanwhile many eye problems due to rosacea, especially watery eyes and red eyes. Rosacea has several styles, phymatous rosacea and ocular rosacea are two of them. Both of this two styles do harmful to our eyes deeply, my brother-in-law added, ocular rosacea ranks first. People who have ocular rosacea may feel sensitivity to light, even eye itching and burning, what's worse, blurry vision and loss of vision can occur gradually. So you'd better accept a medical treatment and avoid factors which affect rosacea. It is said that sun exposure, emotional stress and hot weather can make your rosacea much worse. Livestronger is a great site which offers much information about rosacea and eye problems.

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