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Jocelyn griffin


Why is there yellow discharge in my eye?

I wake up and find there is yellow discharge in my eyes. It is disgusting. What cause that? Any idea?
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  • b3mine_x3


    When there are yellow discharges in your eyes, it may be the conjunctival pigmentation caused by uneven thickness of sclera. This symptom has some relation with the liver. You should pay attention to it. I suggest you to go to the hospital and have a full check on your live by doing the courage B look.
  • Kelly gary


    It may be the gum. When bacteria get into the lacrimal sac, they may be purulent in the lacrimal sac, when the purulent materials fill the entire lacrimal sac, it can only excrete along the lacrimal sac and lacrimal duct to the eyes. If you have many yellow discharges, you should go to the hospital and have an early treatment. It also may because your eyes have inflammation, you can drop norfloxacin eye drops.
  • walksal0ne


    This question is really worth thinking about. Well, as you can see, nobody likes to be seen with eye discharge in public, really awkward right? Typically, we see eye discharge in our eyes every morning, but if you constantly get eye discharge in the day time, it is possible that there`s something wrong with you. Lack of sleep, eye disease, a cold or even a fever. So, excessive eye discharge might serve to be an indicator of your health. So, if you`ve got excessive discharge, do something about it, don`t get it ignored.