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How to make plastic glasses fit better?

I bought a pair of black plastic eyeglasses. My father said that i was look like a nerd with the eyeglasses. It is so upset. Can you give me some idea that can make my plastic eyeglasses look good on me?
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  • Janice


    Yeah, many people say that wearing the eyeglasses may look nerd. However, you can wear the bright color clothes or casual clothes to match with the eyeglasses. Thus, the nerd feeling will disappear. In addition, you can make up your face to make you look spiritual which could also indirectly make the eyeglasses look good too.
  • Caroline


    Personally, you shall wear properly. Your images is determined your whole dressing including your clothes style, hair style, bag as well as your shoes. If you want to look smart and wise, you can wear businesses suit when your wear your black plastic eyeglasses. If you want to look in a rock way, you can wear some T-shirt and worn-out jeans. Just have try and find the most suitable dressing style yourself.
  • Ume


    Either go back to Walmart or go to where you bought the glasses and ask for help. Usually bending the legs in a little helps. They may
    just have not bent them enough
  • Rebecca


    I see you have some trouble in wearing your glasses. It is true some glasses might not be suitable for our head size, however, most glasses on the market are adjustable, you could read the instructions of your glasses, or head directly to the optical store for help, ask for another pair or get them fixed to your head size. Take it easy, it would be fine.
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